Saturday, September 7, 2019

Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Discussion - Essay Example The activist was introduced to the ideas of black supremacy and the need to fight for equality when he was in prison and when he became a member of the Nation of Islam (Hamlet 199). Malcolm X believed that African Americans were prior as they were original people who inhabited the world and, hence, they were superior to whites. Importantly, he also stressed that black people could not live in the USA and there could be no integration. The activist emphasized that African Americans had to establish their state in Africa and, meanwhile, they could live in the USA but they had to be completely separated from whites. Importantly, Malcolm X often supported violent acts and he believed that black people could win the fight using force only. On the contrary, Martin Luther King never supported the idea of using violence. He was a Baptist minister and Christian values had a great impact on his worldview. Notably, Kind admitted that it was possible to use force when defending oneself. However, he never believed that violence could be used to achieve equality in the USA (Goudsouzian 167). King stressed that only nonviolent struggle could help African Americans obtain equal rights. The Baptist minister often referred to Jesus’ sermons in his speeches. He also advocated full integration of the US society and he believed that blacks and whites could and had to live and work together to develop the American society. Martin Luther King encouraged people of different races and backgrounds to join the struggle for real equality in the USA. He believed that all people were equal and they had to enjoy equal rights. His speeches inspired many Americans and the society started becoming more integrated. It is clear that the two approaches were very different and it can be difficult to identify the most effective one. King’s views and his fight can be regarded as more influential as it led to significant changes in the

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