Monday, July 29, 2019

Retail Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Retail Industry - Essay Example Time and again Non profit organizations have raised issues against the big retailing giants especially Tesco and Asda. Find below news published in the various dailies Body: The allegations and accusations of various NGO's and papers on ethical and socialist issues against the retailers are a recurring occurrence right from the early 1900's. The trade unions, Human rights activists, consumer protection right activists, organizations that safe guard the interests of small farmers and suppliers, and the small entrepreneur's organizations, are all in their own way trying to protect their interest by constantly seeking help from the media and the government regulatory bodies to support them in their cause. The goal for this paper as stated in the beginning is to identify, investigate and validate this lobbying and come to a consensus based on the findings. Let us go through a few statistics before we get deeper in the issue. The giants Tesco and Asda are always in the spot light on any of the allegations that comes from any corner some of the allegations are based on statistical data from various sources which is detailed below: Asda Wal-Mart offered a 10% pay rise 340 of its drivers and warehouse workers in Durham if they left the trade union GMB. Asda was subsequently fined for these offerings as it was illegal inducements to its workers. Sharing the benefit: Tesco announced 2.5 billion in the year 2007 17.9 million was the total annual pay to the 16 board of directors in Tesco, one of the most expensive boards according to the Ecologist in May 2007. The Tesco chief received a 25% pay hike in 2006 taking his income to almost 4 million. A Tesco employee with an average salary will have to work for 345 years to get that income. Eroding competition and the impact on independent retailers: These large retailing giants have simply rung the death bell for small and independent entrepreneurs and most importantly deprived consumers of choices. During the 1960's independent retailers had a 60% market share which in now reduced to 6%. Almost 2000 independent retailers close shop each year. 7337 independent retailers shut down between the years 2000 and 2004. 'According to the High street Report 2015 - All parliamentary small shops group' -By 2015 all independent and small convenience stores would have disappeared. The issues mentioned above are extremely critical and vital. Health, rights, choice and fair price for the goods sold (suppliers). Let us look at the

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