Saturday, July 27, 2019

The Globalization of Religion in Japan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

The Globalization of Religion in Japan - Essay Example If the same criterion is applied to globalization we will realize that it has both been a blessing and a curse. It is up to the specific economy and the country to determine what route it wants to take with regard to globalization. Most importantly, however, one should keep in mind that it isn’t entirely in our hands whether we want globalization to occur in our part of the world. With the advent of new information technologies and the internet there is hardly any part in the world that has been left unaffected by globalization. We cannot essentially cage ourselves or lock our people and our economy within four walls, like Japan earlier did. That time has come and gone. Just the way the Japanese realized the merits of globalization and the good that it can reap for not only its economy, but also its social and political stature on the international front, other countries that are as yet hesitant in the face of growing globalization could do well to learn from this example. It won’t do anyone much good to sit around trying to determine what could have been and what has happened. Instead of looking back nostalgically at the past we should look forward to what situations are facing us and try to combat them in the best manner possible. No one can achieve a semblance of greatness without working for it; same holds true for individuals and nations. Globalization’s importance can furthermore be judged by taking into account the way many other countries have been able to benefit from. If we’re just focusing on Japan, it won’t be false to say that since Japan’s welcome of globalization within its region the nation’s prestige has been on the rise.

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