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History and Historiography Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

History and Historiography - Essay Example In other words, the different perceptions of historians who have come and gone in the past can be studied with the help of historiography. Furthermore, it is very hard to understand the history, as the historiography depends mainly on the supporting characters of every time, who influences the historians, and thus, one cannot understand the reality of the past properly. In addition, historiography is hard, but it has given a sense of curiosity to the historians, as well as, humans, in order to discover the hidden facts of human life. (History and Historiography, n.d.) Moreover, a specific process is considered by the historians for the obtaining, as well as, transmission of historical knowledge to the others. In this regard, this specific process is studied by the historiography. In the past, different methods have been utilized for obtaining hidden facts related to the human lives, as well as, older civilizations. As earlier mentioned in the paper, political influences also play a crucial role in the writing of history, as historians used to write under the banner of an Empire, or a Kingdom. Thus, it is the responsibility of historiography to examine the processes of history, which involved influences, situations, politics, etc. (Clark, 1994) In this regard, some of the main characteristics of written history, which is examined and evaluated by the historiography, are sources, audience, interpretation, biasness, etc. Furthermore, all the historical works contain a body, which has been referred as the historiography. However, it has been observed that most of the tools related to the written history have been changed, which results in the diversified meanings and relations of historiography. Thus, it is very hard to define the term historiography in one sentence, and different people will relate different interpretations with it. Moreover, breaking of historiography has often been done in different perceptions by diverse humans. At some places, religion has been taken as the base of the historiography, such as Historiography of Islam, or Historiography of Christianity, etc. However, regions or countries have been considered as the bases of historiography at other places, such as, Historiography of British, or Historiography of America, etc. Furthermore, historiography consists of a number of fields, such as, social, oral, etc, which changes the approaches that are considered by the historians. (Clark, 1994) In the nineteenth century, mass literature of historiography has been observed due to the commencement of professional and academic historians around the world. "The reasons why British history has not been written are good, in the sense that they follow naturally enough from the adoption of a limited, if perfectly legitimate, conception of the historian's function". (Pocock, 1982) Background The sixteenth, seventeenth, and eighteenth centuries have been roughly related with the history of Great Britain by the historians. They have termed it as ancient history of early modern Britain. In this regard, so

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