Thursday, October 31, 2019

UNIT 5-IP Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

UNIT 5-IP - Essay Example In statistics, for instance, if you take an exam and you fail it, statistically speaking the probabilities of passing the exam the second time around are higher. The more you take the exam the better scores you should obtain. This is a comparison made to, good judgment comes from experience. The more experience you have in a given situation the better you are able to make decisions. The difference between making judgments based on experiences and taking an exam over and over again is that, the exam is the same one and the situation in life may be similar but not the same. You have different players involved, other circumstances, other decisions to take in the process of making them, and other people may be affected by the decision(s) you make. This is a big responsibility. It is not only you the one that is involved but there are repercussions on other peoplesÃ⠫ lives by a decision you have made or vice versa. This refers to making bad judgments and obtaining experiences. A marriage, for instance, you fall in love, do all the things psychologists tell you to do: communicate what you will put into the relationship and what is expected of the other person, go grocery shopping, go to religious ceremonies, cook together, wait for a year to get married and other identified tasks. After following all of the suggestions, a year later you are on the divorce statistics. There are no formulas for choosing a partner and there are no formulas in raising children. In the past there were no schools to become a parent and how to raise your children. It was a trial and error procedure. Parents were the models liked it or not. Today, there is an increase of interest by people wanting to know how to raise their children, wanting to go to seminars where they teach strategies on raising children, and in a few decades it will be known if it was worth while or not. This is the first generation to start

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