Sunday, June 9, 2019

Discuss at least three key technology trends that raise ethical Essay

Discuss at least tierce key technology trends that raise ethical issues. Give an slip of an ethical or moral impact connected to each one - Essay ExampleThe above report will look at the three key technology trends which will raise ethical issues along with example of moral and ethical impact which is connected to one another.Social, ethical and political issues atomic number 18 correlated. The ethical dilemma of data system managers face is reflected in the political and social debate. Ethical issues have always been factored in epoch considering information technology. Information technology has raised the existing social arrangements, ethical concerns and made existing laws severely crippled or obsolete. Rise in information systems and technologies have created opportunities for criminal mischief and behavior. There are mainly four key technological trends which are responsible for ethical stresses.The first issue is the stunt man of computing power which occurs every 18 mon ths. This has made all the companies to use the information systems in their core production processes. This has resulted in excessive dependence of organizations on information systems and hence there is a chance of system errors and poor quality of data. Thus the same information system which causes the productivity level to ontogeny has created chances of abuse. But Social laws and rules have not been able to adjust to this dependence. Standards which have ensured reliability and accuracy of the information systems have not been enforced or judge universally.The second is the advances in the data storages techniques. This has resulted in rapid decline in the storage costs, which in turn is responsible for multiplication of databases of individuals like customers, employees and potential customers. such advances in the field of data storage have resulted in violation of the individual privacy. Large private companies use massive data storage systems which butt be used by both regional and local retailing firms so that they can target customers. For example companies like America Online, Yahoo, Google and MSN hold back large

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