Saturday, June 15, 2019

Diversity Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Diversity - Research Paper ExampleThis paper will present comparison of the economical situations coming from records of the years that have gone from the first-class years of being the top economic nation till modern day situation. The researcher will give insights on the markers of economic stability such(prenominal) as increasing unemployment rate, poverty and decreasing annual gross domestic product and the countless possible ways of reversing or sustaining the after effect of economic threats through finding researched trends and strategies. Key words economy, economic stability, trends, strategies Introduction The ever changing economic arena has been fast evolving. Everyday economic activities are aimed at somehow one particular thing, which is to produce, to provide or to earn. The united States is known worldwide for its dynamic leadership and stability in world economy. It has fought umteen battles from news report to be able to come up and build a structure that woul d sustain the vast needs of the country. It has lead many nations worldwide in prospect foot marks to follow as an example of sturdy economic flow amidst all national issues and concerns. It has provided the Ameri scum bag people with stable economic commercialize to hold on to and has lifted the standards of living within its premises for the past 50 years or so. Does the sturdy wall of United States Economy has in conclusion come to its peak and needs a reconstruction or remodeling? What was the weakest link in the economy that the government failed to set support that led to its sudden wrinkle affecting the entire economic stability? What could the government have done to foresee such changes in the global economy so that further dec would be avoided and future blows of economic changes would no longer affect the stability of the economy? This essay will go over the current trend in the economy and in a way to enhance the economic status of the country by means suggesting ef fective economic strategies that were backed up with studies that can be used by the government as well in establishing more profitable and recession proof businesses that could sustain the downfall in the economy. world(prenominal) Trends and Strategy within the United States The current economic situation Where is United States now? Nothing seemed to be constant about living rather than the changes it always incur. Even if the United States have sustained to be in the lead in economic strength for the longest time still the cycles of change puts such leader into no exception. The global economic market has recently experienced an unexpected downfall and the sturdy American State and even other extremely developed and leading countries were caught off guard of the unexpected surprise that brought economic storm around the globe. Recession shook the American economy and has led to many dismayclosure of many production and business establishments, prices rising, increasing rate of unemployment, decrease purchasing power of US dollar, decreasing work benefits and increasing judge of low paying jobs converted from previously high paying jobs just to sustain the challenged business. According to a source this has been a tumultuous decade for the United States. During the first 10 years of the 21st Century many unforeseeable events have happened that affected the national economy-- there was a major

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