Friday, August 16, 2019

Learning English

English is the most widely spoken language in the world, and has more second-language speakers than any other language. English is also the language of the Internet, and so studying, doing research, interacting with international companies and travelling is almost impossible without at least some English. It is now impossible to find a country where learning English has not become popular. You wish to travel someplace, you have to communicate. If you don't know the language of the country where you go, just try speaking English and they will understand. magine that you don't know english and you go to china and of course you don't know chinese and you need to find an address. how will you ask that address to some one ? and i can give you thousands of examples like that. Now in most of the job application the company ask about the languages you know. and all of them expect that you know english because international customers rely on English speaking employees to help them with day to day operations to interpret, translate and communicate directly with English speaking customers. Speak fluent English can improve job opportunities. There are other opportunities available for those who learn English. Learning English can improve the chances of being accepted into colleges. Learning English also can expand the ability to access news and information, much of which is generated only in English. if you are looking for an information on internet and if you are looking it in english you will find more than in your language. because english is an international language. you can find all the news , magazines, all the information you need you can find in english. as we all know music connects people to people. f you don't know english how will you understand the meaning of the song and how will you enjoy it. music is really important in life. imagine a life without music how boring will it be. no music on the radio when you are in rush? i really can't imagine a life like that . english is important for your education too. if you go to USA to study you get a better education than you will get in your country. you will mee t some new international friends and some hay if you need some think from the countries that you have friends you will solve it easily. in the end learning english is the best thing to do for your life.

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