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Media, Culture, and Society Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Media, Culture, and Society - Essay Example Women had been limited to serve the family. Women, during Betty’s time period, were not allowed to find a male job (Curran 147). Second, Betty could choose to walk the uncharted and unfamiliar path. Betty decided to choose the less travelled road. Betty chose to be an engineer. Society during Betty’s time reserved the engineering jobs to the male members of society. Betty’s boss also believes that Betty’s place should be at home. Betty’s friends were strongly against Betty’s determination to become an engineer. Evidently, the story emphasizes that TV shows incorporate luminal and bardic functions of popular entertain as a cultural forum for people to espouse their agreement or disagreement on Women’s swerving away from their normal charted paths, like having men’s jobs (Curran 147). Question 2. Mass Media is cultural forum. Mass media facilitates discussion concerning its television shows (Lull 157). People see television shows, watch a movie, read newspapers, hear news, views, and music from the radio stations, and research the internet. All these are media outlets. Mass media is a powerful tool that can change the minds of the viewers or listeners. Father Knows Best focuses on a family that represents a minor group of families in the United States during the 1950’s era. ... Television brainwashes American Society to break away from tradition and go where no one has gone before. Consequently, the television show is considered a site of ideological contention, despite its attempts at ideological containment. The Father Knows Best television series espouses that family members must go out of their way to ensure the family is always happy, considered ideological containment. The television show creates a twist that makes the television viewers decide whether women and their families can go against tradition by allowing Betty to be an engineer, doing home chores and making babies. Mass media is espousing ideological containment because the television series, love boat caters to the television audience’s love cravings. The Love Boat television series creates a cultural forum among the television viewers as they discuss and defend their own opinions regarding The Love Boat issues. Question 3. Both Newcomb and Hirsch correctly espouse that television is a cultural forum (), where people debate issues shown in mass media’s television shows, being the government’s ideological apparatus or voice. The two authors insist that the television’s glaring messages normally influence or alter the television audiences’ current position on certain cultural issues (Edgerton 58). The television image of commercials portraying sexy women as beautiful creates loyalists and detractors of such â€Å"slender is in† concepts. The authors emphasize that the mass media, especially the television shows can make or break a person, family, or community. Consequently, people come together to discuss their viewpoints on the television shows, including the Father Knows Best television series. Mass media tries to make the people take a stand and to

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