Thursday, August 22, 2019

Social Networking on Relationships Essay Example for Free

Social Networking on Relationships Essay Social networking sites have a negative influence on children, teenagers and adults. â€Å"A social networking site can be defined as an online service that is based around the building and reflecting of social relations among individuals with common interests or social ties,† . Social networking sites such as Facebook, Skype, and Twitter all vary slightly. They can enable users to create a profile and them to interact through email, IM and other integrated communication channels within the site. The popularity and growth of social networking sites over the past five years has been enormous. Today, there are more than 1 billion active users on face book and users spend over 700 billion minutes per month on this social networking site. As the technology improves and advances, social networking sites have biggest impact on society and human relationships, both positive and negative. I’m going discuss the three main reasons why social networking sites bring many negative impacts pose on today’s media. One main reason social networking has an negative effect is because it ends relationships. One thing is for sure these sites are the breaking point of relationships in conversations amongst our friends and peers. Recent studies have shown that the use of social networks is a contributing factor to break ups of relationships and marriages. Studies show that the significant amount of time spent on these social networks engaged in contact with members of the opposite sex tends to create jealousy and a lack of trust which can lead to the relationship ending. â€Å"The internet makes it much easier to start a relationship, get caught and make a relationship come to an end. From what could be deemed inappropriate comments or postings, to friends of the opposite sex that stirs up feelings of jealousy and mistrust. Also, inboxes being â€Å"overly flirtatious†, lying and cheating. The second reason that social networking is bad for society is that it makes people lazy and overweight. About two decades ago, when people were bored, they would go outside and do something. Nowadays, many people just go on their phones and â€Å"tweet† about how bored they are or scroll through a friends new pictures and click the â€Å"like† button a few times. Sure, social networking might give you something â€Å"to do,† but really, you aren’t doing anything! People sit at computers and eat their self away. Children today don’t know how to communicate face to face with people. They would rather text or IM their friends than even think about having a verbal conversation with them. Children are going to school accessing the network over their phones instead of doing their work. For example, in my home town, a student saw that another student posted a status threatening to bomb the school. Everyone had to evacuate immediately. Another reason to be aware of is the illegal actions that can be performed, such as piracy, fraud, virtual shoplifting, cyber bullying, cyber stalking, sexual harassment, fake identities, or worse death. Can you imagine all of the kids approving a bunch of random people, they do not know being able to come in contact with them? Social Networks create an open access towards exposing individuals’ personal information. â€Å"This includes full name, date of birth, addresses, phone numbers, precise locations, emails, and more. † Exposed private information of adolescents causes them to be at risk with dangerous situations previous listed. Individuals attacked are highly exposed to having psychological problems, becoming afraid of outcomes, becoming depressed and using suicide as a method to stop attacks. Social networks have changed people by allowing them to befriend and contact more people more frequently and more efficiently. Unfortunately, they have also limited some face-to-face conversations with family and friends. Although social networking sites are efficient in providing ways to communicate, we need to limit our use of social networking sites in order to become stronger as individuals and to strengthen our relationships.

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