Sunday, May 12, 2019

Advertisment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Advertisment - Essay ExampleOne of its most far-famed commercial, with a slogan Spray more, get more, which, by the way, has more than 50 million views on Youtube, mat be regarded as the epitome of the utilization of the sex sells concept and stereotyping of women.Axe is a print that produces such hygiene products for men as body spray, body wash, and deodorant. The entire weight-lift of this brand is comprised of the commercials that earn one common theme in all of them. More specifically, in all the commercials of the advertising campaign of the brand, the main character is a man who is chased by a great number of taking women. The overall idea of the entire campaign is that once a man uses one of the Axe products, he will become desirable for all women he meets. Using such a template for the ads, the advertisers prevail a distinctive dividing line between genders and present women as objects in order to target the consumer group. In other words, they tend to create particula r stereotypes about genders and use the sex sells concept to promote their products. because to the current studies, the sexual objectification (so-called fetishisation) of female body has become a tendency in modern advertising. Researches pose that compared to man, women are portrayed in a sexual manner more often (Brodolini, Giomi, Sansoneti, and Tota 19). The advertisement elect for the analysis follows the same common scheme of all the ads of the brand. In the very beginning, a young lovable woman feels a particular kind of intent, which is the smell of Axe body spray. She likes it, starts running towards the source of the smell and sees many other girls running through the wild forest in search of the source of the smell. apiece of the girls tries to reach the source first. In their pursuit, they overcome a wide range of obstacles they swim across the sea, acclivity to the top of the hill and then climb down and finally come to the sea coast. There appears a young man

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