Monday, May 13, 2019

Annotated bibliography Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

Annotated Bibliography ExampleStudents were then allocated to both ethnically diverse or all Anglo classifys. There were round 135 subjects. Individual and group responses were tabulated using Pris superstarrs Dilemma task in which participants could either compete or help the other party. It was hypothesized that groups carrying collectivist ethnical traditions will be more co-operative compared to the one carrying individualist heathen traditions.The results confirmed the hypothesis. The reasons cited by 82% of the subjects confirmed that they were expecting the other party to cooperate. Further psychoanalysis showed that ethnically diverse groups made more co-operative choices than the groups that composed solely of Anglos.The study emphasizes and addresses on one cultural dimension and one behavioral dimension in a collectivist setting. More research necessitate to be done using cultural differences on the individualism-collectivist dimension.The study helps explain the rea der the impact of cultural differences on decision making in an organization when working in groups. It can help him when he is working in a culturally diverse group as he will inhabit what to expect from other group members. It can also contribute to different models on leadership and group work and help reader gain a broader understanding of the organizational demographics.Hoftsedes framework provides methodological, conjectural and practical contributions in the cultural domain. Its popularity has raised a lot of eyebrows and attracted considerable debate. Thus it became necessary to bestow further research to overcome its limitations. This study, seeks to address those limitations. The general belief that cultural influences retaliate preference is fix in this study.The applicability of Hoftsedes framework is tested through cross cultural comparison of reward preferences in four countries. The study used data collected from four different countries, comprising of 1000

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