Sunday, May 5, 2019

ETHICS CASE Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

ETHICS - Case Study ExampleIn as much as the of import goal of businesses is to increase their profitability by becoming efficient and effective in their operations, the obligations it has on its stakeholders must(prenominal) be upheld (Bader 12). First, the decentralized managers argon under pressure to improve their operations. This means that they suffer from psychological problems including accent by having to usage for long period or implement very discriminating and harsh work conditions. The gross revenue representatives are also forced to apply wrong ways to increase their sales turnover. This could be harmful to the business long-term image. Moreover, the consumers welfare is likely to be breached if quality control procedures are compromised in order to reduce operation costs. Customers have the right to get quality products free from any harm. The managers of the corporations are in a dilemma of having to increase their performance through unethical ways or instance termination of their services or demotions. They are torn on whether to breach the welfare of the customers or go against the company requirement. The sales personnel too have to embrace unethical ways to increase sales and this could force them to give wrong information for sales to be realized. Achievement of business goals can be attained by not necessarily becoming unethical (Bader 13). National products corporations should set realistic goals and remind their employees to increase their level of commitment and effectiveness for the organization. The managers should as well be given the required tools and be involved in goal setting. Adherence to their customers requirements and expectations will also reduce the unethical practices. Stakeholders demands should be interconnected in the business (Bader 12).In conclusions, businesses must remain committed at meeting their stakeholders expectations without engaging in unethical

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