Wednesday, May 8, 2019

E-Business Technologies have altered the Nature of Competition within Essay

E-Business Technologies have altered the Nature of Competition within Amazon - Essay ExampleA variety of e- blood line technologies and its applications be developed to enhance commerce online through with(predicate) internet. Though World Wide web is considered to be the only e-business engineering science just now the reality is that it is the only one feature amongst several(prenominal) different features (Fontana, 2000, pp.9-10). E-business technologies are composed of a set of technologies that work through internet. These e-business technologies comprises of websites, search engines, browsers, e-procurement software etc. On the other hand, internet can solely be described as several computers connected together in a form of network through telephone lines or other tools.As electronic business involves a large number and variety of technologies so the range of its applications is as well large (Gladwin, 2001, pp.12). E-business affects business from the first step to the last. It marks the definition of the product as it is easier to redefine the current product. In e-business through technology it has also become easier to introduce newly products and services. E-business has also changed the features of the traditional trade. E-business has effects on either steps of commerce from development of products or services to relations with suppliers and distributors to sending of products or services to the customers. It has also led businessmen into difficulty in starting a business (Ball & McCulloch, 1999, pp. 222-228). Also, in e-business following what others are doing may not be a good criterion for starting an e-business as for example around clothing companies stepped into e-business by developing their websites where customers can easily see the companys designs and products and place their orders online. further the same sort of e-business may not be a good start for other companies dealing in some other goods or services (Cox, 2000, pp.3 2). For example businessmen dealing in vegetables and fruits dapple seeing the rise in the trend of e-business in fashion tried to follow their steps but unfortunately they fail as customers would prefer to go to vegetable market for buying vegetable alternatively than placing order online (Conner, 2001, pp.13). Inventions in existing technologies are taking place and researchers come up with innovative technology gadgets every day. Whenever any innovative technology is invented, it is assumed that it will further simplify the existing technology, would be more efficient and would also be user friendly. At the same time it would also pen time and reduce cost. But the technologies that were invented since early 1980s gave a chance to entirely change the practices in businesses that were in vogue then and to adopt completely new methods (Corcoran, 2001, pp.13). But, unfortunately those modernizations were not readily judge and followed by the companies. In e-business the innovativ e technologies provide commerce with an opportunity to disconnect with the past and start afresh. This gives the firms a chance to revolutionize and get an economical benefit over their competitors. The most important factor that is of major concern to the businessmen is the quick alteration and uncertainty in the business environment. There are several reasons of this quick alteration and uncertainty in the business environment among them the most important ones are new technological inventions, diversified and rapidly changing market needs, growing competition and challenging customers with growing demands (Bull, 2000, pp. 102-143). The angry activities relating to business are increased due to the quickly altering and uncertain kind of business environm

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