Friday, May 31, 2019

The National Market for Cellular Phone Service Essay -- Business Econo

Figures UnreadableThe National Market for Cellular Ph unitary ServiceThe national carrelular market is undoubtedly one of the nations most expansive markets.In 2003, wireless revenues totaled to over $100 Billion nearly one percent of the United StatesGDP. Since wireless has emerged, the typical buyer has expanded from the averagemiddle/upper-class adult to teenagers, elderly, and business consumers. 20% of Americanteenagers own cell phones, explaining why Virgin Mobile was founded to specifically targetyoung consumers1. There is certainly a large market for business consumers, as many carriers circulate business solutions even in retail outlets. Altogether, its estimated that 50% ofAmericans own cell phones, yielding a consumer base of approximately 147 Million customers2.Although there are over 300 registered national wireless firms, there are only a select fewthat compete in the entire national market3. The attentions largest corporation is VerizonWireless with a 2003 annual re venue of $22.5 Billion and a base of 40.4 Million customers.Sprint PCS, T-Mobile, and Nextel also have growing countrywide networks. Many competitors,although well known, only have coverage areas in sections of the United States. Alltel, forexample, only offers service in the south and midwest. Until recently, Cingular had coverageareas in only the southeastern United States and western parts of the United States. Its recent merge with AT&Twireless, though, will expanded its network to what some speculate will become the largestcountrywide network. Since we are considering the market for national cellular service, we willconsider only the ones with complete nationwide service Verizon Wireless, Sprint PCS, T-1 Brome2 Brian and Tyson..., Eric. individual(prenominal) interview. 6 Dec. 2004.Cingular. .Leslie Cauley, and Paul Davidson. Cingular, AT&T deal gets an OK from Justice. USAToday Oct. 2004 Money, Pg. 03b.Marshall Brian and Jeff Tyson. How Cell Phones Wor k. Article..Nextel. .T-Mobile. .Taylor, John B. Economics. Boston Houghton, 2004RadioShack. .Sprint PCS. .Verizon Wireless. .What is the difference amongst analog and digital cell phones? Article..Wireless Advisor. .Yahoo Finance. .

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