Thursday, May 9, 2019

Lowest cost leader (part 3) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Lowest approach leader (part 3) - Essay ExampleThis can be a difficult strategy to prosecute in todays fast-paced marketplace for many products. Thoughts? Comment/ discourse in 250 words?I do not completely agree with the argument that impoverished cost leading cannot be practiced in todays fast-paced marketplace. It is still possible in todays world to be cost efficient and some companies are live examples in front of us. For example, Wal-Mart has successfully refined its supply chain which is adding values in the lowest cost possible in a consistent expressive style, whence driving the completion away. Another example is that of Mc Donalds who has been able to keep the prices of its products low through hiring cheap inexperienced labor and making it efficient. Ikea is sourcing its raw materials from other countries at lower costs, hence gaining a competitive advantage and Southwest airlines remained competitive for very long by reducing the knock benefits being offered to the customers and reducing the resting time for their planes. Lost leadership is all about how a company refines its substantial value chain and does something at a lower cost in a distinctive manner which cannot be acquired by a competitor (Scilly 2015).However, it is also true that internet has improved operational dominance for almost all firms and that it has increased the chances of being copied rapidly hence increasing rivalry and competition. So it has rifle difficult for firms to stay competitive for very long and the dynamics for competition are changing instead rapidly. Therefore it has become crucial more than ever to have a distinctive strategic put and a unique value proposition which can be achieved with a combination of cost leadership and differentiation (Thomas 2015). The companies have proved to be cost efficient throughout human history and my hear is that whatever the circumstances, in that respect will always be winners while at the same time there will be l osers too. It is all about how vigilant we are in

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