Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Biofilms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Biofilms - Essay ExampleDuring the attachment, the initial colonists, characterized by weak van der Waals forces perplex to the surface which would anchor themselves permanently using adhesion molecules for instance pili, if not separated (Allison 29).The first colonists raise the arrival of another(prenominal) cells through diverse adhesion hence building complex matrix that holds the biofilms together. imputable to the weak van der Waals forces, not all the cells atomic number 18 able to attach themselves to the surface (Romeo 17). Others would anchor themselves to other colonists or the matrix once the process of colonization has commenced biofilms grows and expands through combination of both cell recruitment and division (Wooldridge 41).The biofilms thrives in solid substrates exposed to/ or submerged in aqueous solution. However, there are many species of archaea and bacteria living in the matrix of excreted compounds of polymeric nature. Through the matrix is for facilita ting communication among the cells and defend them through physical and chemical signals (Brogden 12). However, some biofilms are characterized by water channels that assist in distribution of nutrients and signaling the molecules contained. The matrix formed it strong enough that in some cases, it would make the biofilms fossilize (Romeo 22).One of the common examples of biofilms is dental plaque which is formed when the biofilms coating that builds up and turns teeth yellowish that when not removed regularly would cause dental caries. Some examples include archea, bacteria, fungi, filamentous and single cell alga diatoms, and protozoa (Brogden 28).Microbial biofilms lead to equipment damage, medical contagion, energy losses and product contamination. They can cause infection of artificial heart as the colonization may present dire need for amputation or additive operations of it may

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